New Roastery Blends High-Tech With Traditional

by Charlotte Dove on
New Roastery Blends High-Tech With Traditional - Lincolnshire Magazine -

STOKES TEA & COFFEE'S new state-of-the-art roastery is now open for business as part of the iconic brand's £2 million expansion plan to increase its offering to restaurants, cafés and retail outlets across the UK.

Stokes, which has been roasting and serving tea and coffee for more than 100 years, moved its headquarters and tea and coffee operation into The Lawn earlier this year, after an extensive two-year renovation project.

Nick Peel, managing director of Stokes said: "Our new headquarters could allow us to treble the production and distribution of our ethically-sourced tea and coffee products. We are in a great position to grow our number of suppliers, and are confident our offering will see Stokes become a mark of quality in the tea and coffee market."

The new roastery includes designated areas for each part of the production process including different spaces for storing green coffee, blending and packaging Stokes many varieties of tea and the coffee roasting area. The roastery uses the latest environmentally friendly coffee roasting technology in conjunction with more traditional equipment that dates back more than 100 years.

Nick added: "I am thrilled with our new roastery, which is housed within one of Lincoln's most historic buildings. The roastery remains loyal to the traditional Stokes values and I'm sure my great grandad, who founded the company back in 1901, would be very proud." New Roastery Blends High-Tech With Traditional - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Alongside the roastery there is also a viewing gallery for customers visiting the Stokes Lawn Café to view the roasting and grinding process first hand.

A training centre is also set to open within Stokes' large complex in the new year, which will provide bespoke barista expertise for professional and budding coffee workers within the industry.

Stokes has received support from the Regional Growth Fund which is operated through the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce and Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership, managed through Lincolnshire County Council.

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