Lidl Pre-Mixed Cocktails

by Paul Henderson on
Lidl Pre-Mixed Cocktails - Food & Drink - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Lidl is launching a delicious new range of pre-mixed cocktails, so shoppers can impress guests with insta-worthy cocktails and get all of the credit with none of the fuss. Cocktail enthusiasts can choose either Negroni or Espresso Martini, in store from Thursday 21st March and only £9.99 a bottle.

Gin-based ready to drink Negroni has been launched to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the classic cocktail. Invented by Count Negroni the classic Italian aperitif is popular at bars across the world and is set to be the drink of 2019! Harking back to the success of Bitterol last summer, coupled with the recent rise in popularity of bitter cocktails*, now is the perfect time to give this drink a try. Lidl recommends serving the Negroni over cubed ice with a swirl of orange rind for a zesty effect that will refresh your guests.

Espresso Martini

Lidl is also launching a ready to drink Espresso Martini, a perfect combination of vodka and coffee flavours that’s a firm cocktail favourite. Serve it shaken, strained and chilled, topped with whole coffee beans for the full Italian experience.

Art Deco Design

Each cocktail comes in a chic 500ml bottle with an art deco design that is sure to add a touch of classic style to any drinks cabinet or kitchen shelf  without blowing the budget!

In stores from this Thursday 21st March at only £9.99 ... A £9.99 bottle contains 5 servings (£9.99/5 = £1.99)