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by Paul Henderson on
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In its latest bid to help customers live healthier lives, Tesco has bolstered its range of meat by launching a new 'Meat & Veg' range.

The selection of lamb and beef products are expertly combined with vegetables to ensure meals are healthier, as well as reduce time in the kitchen.

The new range has been developed in response to customers increasingly demanding healthier, more sustainable and convenient products. In addition, more than two thirds of Britain's flexitarians actively looking to reduce their meat consumption (YouGov). *

It is said that the new 'Meat & Veg' range helps make scratch cooking easier, removing the need to buy vegetables separately to make the base of popular dishes such as bolognese, lasagne or meatballs. Created by their expert chefs at Tesco, the 'Meat & Veg' range champions vegetables as flavour enhancers to provide sweetness to home cooked dishes, with an average of 35% of the products being vegetables. From carrots and onions for burgers to red peppers and carrots for koftas, there's no need to worry about the time consuming, peeling and chopping.

Latest figures show an estimated 22 million British people identify as flexitarian** and aim to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle through their diet. Tesco believes the single biggest impact it can make in promoting health and sustainability in the next decade is by encouraging shoppers to enjoy a diet of more vegetables and less meat. Having recently introduced vegan foods into the meat aisle and with an ever-growing vegan and vegetarian selection, there may never have been a healthier and more sustainable time to shop at Tesco.

Director of Meat, Fish and Poultry at Tesco, Mark Suddaby said:

"We are always looking to provide quick and easy ways for customers to make healthier, more sustainable choices. Our new 'Meat & veg' range contributes to customers' five a day, helping adults and children effortlessly add more vegetables to their diets."

The range is available in multiple pack sizes (250g, 500g, 750g) to cater to solo-diners, couples and families alike.

'Meat & Veg' range

Products in the 'Meat & Veg' range, pack weights and prices below.

- Tesco Meat & Veg 4 Beef, Carrot & Onion Burgers
(454g, £2.50)

- Tesco Meat & Veg 8 Beef, Red Pepper & Carrot Koftas
(600g £3.00)

- Tesco Meat & Veg Lamb, Carrot & Onion Mince
(500g, £4.00)

- Tesco Meat & Veg 12 Beef, Carrot & Onion Meatballs
(336g, £4.00)

- Tesco Meat & Veg Lean Beef, Carrot and Onion Mince
(250g, £2.19)
(500g, £3.39)
(750g, £4.50)

* YouGov Whitepaper - Is the future of food flexitarian? YouGov analysis of Brits' dietary habits and attitudes to meat consumption
** London Evening Standard, Tom Powell - 'Flexitarian' diets key to cutting climate change' based on study by Dr Marco Springman at University of Oxford.