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Electric Fence

by Elizabeth Fish on
Electric Fence - Lincolnshire Magazine -

The Collection and Usher Gallery will be showcasing a solo exhibition by local contemporary artist, Annabel McCourt.

From Saturday 8 February to Sunday 10 May 2020, Annabel's awe-inspiring work the 'Electric Fence', initially conceived for Hull Minster during the City of Culture year, will take over the upstairs space in the Usher Gallery.

The 'Electric Fence' is a thought-provoking sculpture, inspired by homophobic hate speech and utilising innovative audio technology to create an immersive and haunting experience.

This exhibition presents the 'Electric Fence' in a brand-new format, encouraging visitors to see and interact with the work in a completely new way.

Happy Hour in the Harmful Factory

Alongside the 'Electric Fence' the gallery is also showing a neon work by Annabel, titled 'Happy Hour in the Harmful Factory'.

In the lead up to her exhibition, Annabel is inviting the public to join her to find out more about her practice and contribute stories to the 'Electric Fence'.

On Saturday 26 October, the museum is hosting one of these workshops as part of the line-up for Frequency Festival this year.

The results of these workshops will be shown alongside the installation during the exhibition and further on a website where people will be able to find out more about the work and its themes and stories from the comfort of their homes.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, a new set of flags designed by Annabel McCourt will fly above the Usher Gallery as part of the on-going contemporary art flag commissions.

These flags will be a playful exploration of subversion and counter-narratives and a celebration of LGBTQI+ identities.

Great Opportunity

Exhibition officer, Jenny Gleadell, said: "This is a great opportunity for The Collection and Usher Gallery to work closely with local artist Annabel McCourt to showcase the 'Electric Fence' in a new light and to bring it back to Lincolnshire after touring internationally.

"We are really excited about not only showing an innovative installation that uses audio technology in our galleries, but also about this opportunity to fully engage in the vibrant and importance discourse around LGBTQI+ identities and communities through our arts programming."

The Collection and Usher Gallery is programming a series of talks looking at items within the museum's collection from an LGBTQI+ interest perspective, and will be programming performances and takeovers using the gallery space. For further information, please visit

If you are interested in taking part in Annabel's final workshop before the exhibition, taking place from 1-3pm on Saturday 26 October, please visit and sign up for free.