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Norton Disney 2 Horse Trials 2017

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Norton Disney 2 Horse Trials 2017 - Lincolnshire Magazine - LincsMag.com

Once again the ever popular Norton Disney Horse Trials helped to bring the Eventing season to a close as Horses and Riders converged onto the idyllic setting of Norton Disney nearing the end of October (20,21,22).

The Norton Disney Horse Trials goes from strength to strength and the sponsors supporting the event are some of the best in their field.

Pentagon Motor Group were present in force with their range of Mitsubishi vehicles that are well known in the equestrian world for their durability and reliability. Also present were the well known Bloomfield Horseboxes who have become the elite name among amateurs & professionals alike for their exceptional horsebox quality at sensible prices, they are now Europe's leading 3.5 tonne horsebox manufacturer. Bagforce 2 have got it in the bag with animal feeds and supplies that will keep many a horse owner happy. Norton Disney 2 Horse Trials 2017 - Lincolnshire Magazine - LincsMag.com

After a weekend's Eventing there will no doubt, have been one or two riders eager to relax in a Lincolnshire Pools & Spas hot tub. This family based business is one of the newest sponsors of the Norton Disney Horse Trials and already making plans to be a long term supporter.

Other sponsors this year were, Tiggas Saddlery, David Musson Fencing, Airowear and the lovely Dennis Thacker Garage who has always been a keen supporter of the Norton Disney Horse Trials.

The 1, 2, 3 Results

The Airowear BE80(T) kicked off the event on Friday as the Section A saw Miss Scarlett Bracey on BEAGH MAN take first place, with Mr Bradley Allsopp on FERODO take second and Linclonshire Lass, Miss Louise Clark, on LISATARA LAD take third place.

Section B, still an Airowear BE80(T) saw a joint first between Miss Marie Rippingale on FRANKIES PUZZLE and Mrs Victoria Palmer on RIVER DIAMOND with Mrs Katie Stephens-grandy on BELVIEW BOBBY taking third place

Section C, the final still Airowear BE80(T) of this years event, saw Miss Samantha Bebbington on CADLAND AUTUMN PROMISE taking first, Mrs Sophie Stead on SIR OAKLEIGH taking second and Mr Justin Renn on ST PETERS ROCK taking third

The BE 100 of Section D saw Mrs Heidi Woodhead from North Yorkshire riding HANDSOME DHI do well to come second as she came between two European Team Gold medallist winners (2017) ... Lincolnshire Lass, Miss Rosalind Canter, who is on the top of her form this year, took first place on GRAFICS and Miss Piggy French on HIGHDOWN MARCH took third

Section E saw Mrs Heidi Woodhead on HARIEKO DHI take first place and Miss Piggy French jump up one place from the last section on LIFE STORY as she finished second. Miss Sara Bowe on UPPER LIMIT took third place.

The Novice Section F, sponsored by Lincolnshire Pools & Spas, had Miss Lauren Shannon on BRUTUS G first place, Mr Noah Brook on FABULOUS GRAFELASS second place and Mr Matthew Wright on DAKOTAH VII on third place

Miss Piggy French on HARDY WARRIOR finally nabbed a top spot, as she took first place in the Novice Section G, with Miss Georgia Dukes on JSR JIJI taking second place and Mrs Laura Greenhalgh on ROCKMILLS taking third Norton Disney 2 Horse Trials 2017 - Lincolnshire Magazine - LincsMag.com

The BE100 Section H sponsored by The Pentagon Group started off the Saturday's Eventing saw Lincolnshire rider Mr Arthur Marshall on GRANGE KOBANNA come second between two Yorkshire riders, Mr James Sommerville on MASTER RAMIRO taking first and Mrs Lucy Haxton on PIPPINS PUZZLE taking third

The BE100 Section I saw Miss Jessica Watts on SHANNONDALE BRESSIE take first, Mrs Sasha J Munro Seear from Louth on QUIXOTIC II took second and Mr James Cuthbert on UNSHINE took third

BE100 Open Section J saw Miss Ellis Morton on ELSINORE ELS take Miss Lauren Shannon on EDELWEIS V took second with Miss Katie on Willerton on COUMROE MIST taking third place for Lincolnshire

The BE100 RF Section K sponsored by Mitsubishi saw Miss Lois Teal on Z7 CATASTROPHE take first place, Mrs Justine Fordham on KILCANDRA RAMBO RAY took second and Ms Natalie Flewitt on CHESTER VI took third

BE100 Ou18 - BE100 open under18 Section L, resulted in Miss Jemima Snipe on CHEBSEY MINT taking first place, Miss Poppy Young on INVESTMENT took second place and Miss Evangeline Gaskell on B WALT LANDO Z took third

BE100 Ou18 Section M saw a first and second for Lincolnshire as Mr Angus Williams from Sleaford took first place on COLOURED BOY IH and Mr Richard Coney from just down the road at Grantham took second place on HORATIO DN. Miss Ella Wharton on BALLY MAYO took third

BE90 Section N saw Miss Stephanie Lynch on COOL SUNRISE take first place, Miss Tina Canton on CUT THE BLAZE take second and Ms Melanie Jones on LOUGHEHOE CRUISE take third.

BE90 Section O - Miss Kyla Grieve on CULMORE FRANK took first place, Mrs Louise Le Geyt on QUARTER OF took second and Miss Helen Jones from Waddington, Lincolnshire took third on XAMAX MAGIC

BE90 Section P sponsored by Bagforce2 Ltd saw Mr Jordan Kavanagh on ICE MAN III take first place with Dr Anne Bondi from Worksop riding AVALON SUNSET B took second place. Lincolnshire's Miss Harriette Howard on MYMWOOD MELODY took third place

BE90 Section Q - Miss Isabel White on DRAYFORD CHARISMA took first place, Mrs Henrietta Mcrae on TOSSEY GINGER took second and Miss Shari Dobson on AMAZING MISSGRACIE took third.

Lincolnshire ladies, Miss Charlotte Wood from Caister on HOSCOS HERALDIK and Miss Kathryn Woolley from Ingham on ALIMARR took first and third places respectively. in the BE 90 Section R as the North Yorkshire gentleman, Mr Lloyd Newton on WATERBECK WOODRUFF, came between the ladies to take second.

The Novice Section S sponsored by Bloomfields Horse Boxes saw Miss Lauren Allin on THE AVIATOR III take first place. Miss Mary Edmundson on ROYAL RUFUS took second and Ms Amy Cooper on MCALLISTER took third

Novice Section T saw Miss Mary Edmundson on CLONMORE LILY take first place with Miss Beatle Payne on CARNSDALE COSMOPOLITAN taking second and Miss Fiona Macdonald on SPRING INTO BUSINESS took third

Open Novice Section U saw Mr Richard P Jones on KILBALLYBOY BOB take first place. Mr Richard P Jones on RIVER LAW took second and Miss Victoria Hopkinson on SID IV took third.

PON Section V saw Miss Freya Partridge on MASTER MACKY take first place, Miss Hattie Grace on NOBLE SUPERMAN took second and Miss Lucy Stimson on DEVLIN III took third place.

Facebook Picture Album

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The official course photographer at the event was Julia Shearwood