Baron Barrymore Halpenny - Editor-in-Chief

Baron Barrymore Halpenny
Photographer & Editor-in-Chief

Baron Halpenny was born in Lincolnshire but grew up in Italy and has lived and studied in Belgium, Malta, Italy and England. He is a professional Photographer, Artist and Writer as well as being an experienced Editor and Qualified Fitness Professional.
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Tim Barnes-Clay - our man behind the wheel

Tim Barnes-Clay
Motoring Editor and our man behind the wheel

Tim Barnes-Clay, is LincsMag’s Motoring Editor and a member of the Midland Group of Motoring Writers. A journalist since 1994, he has been a motoring reporter for the Mirror Group's L!ve TV cable network and a presenter and producer for ITV.
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Gary Malkin - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Gary Malkin
Photographer & Writer

Gary is one of our experienced writers and photographers of Events that happen in and around the county. Starting with Fast Bikes and Superbikes magazines Gary moved in to equestrian sport and then County Shows, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, classic and American cars and not forgetting aviation.
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Emma Bithell - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Emma Bithell
Photographer & Editorial Admin

Emma has been surrounded by photography all her life, which isn’t surprising as her grandfather is a professional photographer. Now a LincsMag Photographer Emma is also our Editorial Admin and manages the day to day operations of LincsMag.
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Stuart Hickling - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Stuart Hickling

A technological whizz-kid and seasoned Photographer for LincsMag.
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Ben Long - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Ben Long
LincsMag Writer

Ben is our resident foodie, who has co-founded the website Snap it. Taste it. Blog it. with his girlfriend in America. Having lived in Lincolnshire for the majority of his life, Ben is keen on promoting the local produce that this county prides itself on and the wonderful people who make it all happen.

Amy Chappell - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Amy Chappell
LincsMag Writer

Amy studied journalism at Lincoln University and graduated back in 2006. She currently works in public relations, and juggles single motherhood with working full-time – a challenge in itself. Passionate about parenting, music, DIY and cooking, she writes for your enjoyment.

Christa Brunori - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Christa Brunori
LincsMag Writer

American born writer, Christa Brunori's unique way with words are truly her own and adds a fresh and original direction to her articles for LincsMag. For more information regarding the writings of Christa Brunori, Click Here to visit her Facebook Page.
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Kelly Sallaway

Kelly Sallaway
LincsMag Writer

Kelly Sallaway's love for reading and writing started at age 5 when she found out the Public Library was free. She started her media career (really loudly) as a Pit Reporter in the Indy Car racing series. She now writes for LincsMag as well as TV shows.
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