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by Baron Halpenny, LincsMag Editor-in-Chief.
Date: 1 November 2009

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LincsMag is a free premier On-line Lincolnshire Magazine, aimed at entertaining and informing readers on a variety of subjects and topics, though not necessarily Lincolnshire based.

This magazine is deliberately designed to evolve over time to accommodate and cater for new interests and what readers would like. It is your magazine and grows stronger over time.

LincsMag has a dedicated team of staff and writers, as well as contributions from people all around the Globe.

We believe that the people of Lincolnshire should be well informed, entertained and know what’s going on in not just Lincolnshire, but around the world. Not only that, the magazine is of interest to those from around the world and they get to know a little bit about Lincolnshire.

Lincolnshire is a beautiful place with a deep rich heritage and holds vast potential for the future. A future we help to shape.

The aim of this magazine is to be all encompassing, with environmental and animal welfare organisations being considered for active support by LincsMag. LincsMag is opposed to Genetically Modified Foods and Factory Farming, but is a strong supporter of farmers, farming and the agricultural industry as well as the rural society and way of life.

It is possible for us all to work together to make Lincolnshire one of the best places to live and work. We hold within ourselves the ability to make this happen. LincsMag I am sure, will prove an important tool in assisting this venture and becoming an important online location.

The magazine develops and grows at different stages with some sections being updated on a regular basis and others as and when. Most are monthly, some will become almost weekly and others quarterly or even half yearly.

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