Gardening Jobs For March

by Karen Tracey on
Gardening Jobs For March - Lincolnshire Magazine -

With the signs of spring starting to appear in the garden it is very easy to get carried away. Like last year, this winter has been mild in Lincolnshire and first bulbs are poking through with some snowdrops, daffodils, and early tulips already in flower. This month sees the official change in the seasons and with it the promise of the return of new growth on hardy plants as well as new beginnings with annuals grown from seed.

For those of you with an outside plot, Brussel sprouts and cauliflowers can be started under cover and prepared ready for transfer. With well-prepared soil (a job in itself!) some crops are suitable for direct sowing this month. Such candidates include parsnips, leeks, carrots and early turnips. With the right conditions, setting these crops in spring can lead to a bumper harvest in later months. Of course, late winter is also the time for planting garlic sets and onion sets.

Although the warmer weather is just around the corner, early spring can still bring frosts and therefore many crops are best sown inside and kept under cover until the risk of cold has passed. Good seeds to be sown inside this month include tomatoes, chilli and sweet peppers and cucumbers. All of these can later be transferred to the greenhouse when the warmer weather arrives. Gardening Jobs For March - Lincolnshire Magazine -


With the recent sunny weather we have enjoyed in the county, many green-fingered readers will be itching to get outside. Even with no plants to tend to, the greenhouse still requires work and for many of us, March is the time to tidy up the space. Such work includes preparing the soil, cleaning the glass and removing any moss that has built up over the winter. Putting in the time now will reap its rewards when your seedlings are transferred and are able to benefit from maximum daylight.

If space is limited, many plants can be grown in pots and containers. A popular choice for novice gardeners is the herb garden and now is a good time to start sowing seeds outside in pots. Coriander, dill, parsley and chives can all be sown this month and will bring wonderful aroma to both the garden and your kitchen later in the year.