A Leap Year Proposal 2016

by Karen Tracey on
A Leap Year Proposal 2016 - Lincolnshire Magazine - LincsMag.com

Lincoln runner has thousands of ladies in waiting after Leap Year Day proposal.

It is a long standing tradition that 29th February is a special day in which ladies are allowed to propose to their prospective husbands. Following this tradition, Lianne Smith of Lincoln decided that 29th February 2016 would be the day to propose to her long-term partner Scott Church. However, there was nothing traditional about the way in which Lianne chose to propose. Keen runner Lianne chose to run 2.5 miles around the streets of her neighbourhood in Lincoln using her GPS device to map out the words 'MARRY ME'.

Lianne, 30 is a member of Facebook group Run Mummy Run (RMR) and the nineteen thousands members of the group were lucky enough to know about Lianne's Leap Year Day proposal whilst she awaited Scott's response. Lianne shared a screenshot of her morning run and asked that anyone who knew her in real life kept the proposal secret until Scott was home from work.

A Leap Year Proposal 2016 - Lincolnshire Magazine - LincsMag.com

Lianne's post was a massive hit with the RMR ladies as thousands of them posted to say they were eagerly awaiting an update. Lianne told LincsMag how she met Scott back in 2010 and they became an item in 2011. The couple moved to Lincoln three years ago and they have two children, Charlie and Elsie. Scott is a keen cyclist but Lianne had no interest in running or cycling. This changed when a friend asked for people to run alongside her on her 100th marathon. Lianne told LincsMag 'after a few drinks I thought it was a genius idea to take up running' and that's when her new passion was born. Within a year Lianne had run 5 marathons and even though Scott does not share her enthusiasm for running he joined her to complete Chester Marathon.

Lianne uses Strava to track most of her runs and loves doing challenges each month. She told LincsMag how she had planned the Leap Year Day proposal for some time and even messaged Scott's boss to request he be given the day off work. Unfortunately, Scott had agreed to cover a colleague's shift and in a bid to keep the proposal secret Lianne was 'unable to think of a reason to say no'. This sequence of events meant that Lianne recorded her morning run around Monks Road, Lincoln with her youngest child in a pram and then sat back to wait until Scott returned home from work. She explained that the map was hidden on her Strava account until it had been revealed to Scott and as she nervously watched the clock for a few hours she confessed 'it has been a long day'.

So, I hear you ask... What was his answer? Well, 'yes' of course! Congratulations from the LincsMag team! A Leap Year Proposal 2016 - Lincolnshire Magazine - LincsMag.com