About the Icons for Lincolnshire Magazine - LincsMag.com

While other digital publications use only one icon throughout all their different Sections to save themselves time and trouble, it makes it harder for readers to quickly identify the different areas of the publication in their history browser or in their "favourites".

LincsMag has numerous different sections, which naturally over time become large. It was for this reason that most of the sections have their own unique icons to make it easy for readers to identify easily the Section they are on or want.

You will notice this when you save LincsMag pages to your “favourites”.


About the Icons for Lincolnshire Magazine - LincsMag.com

For example the Motoring Section of LincsMag has a Little Blue Car that is quick and easy to identify.

Not all LincsMag readers are going to be interested in all the sections of the magazine, invariably readers will like and favour select sections and it will be the main page of each section that they like, that they will save in their “favourites”.

Here you will see the benefit of the icons as they come into their own and assist with easy recognition.

Easy Identification

Let’s say a LincsMag reader ... you for example ... likes the Sports Section and the Motoring Section.

They save these two to their favourites, but will be able to see clearly and at a glance which section is which.

The Sports Section is a Stop Watch Lincolnshire Magazine - LincsMag.com, symbolic of sport, the Motoring Section the little blue car Lincolnshire Magazine - LincsMag.com.

All are kept easy to quickly identify, so if you create a LincsMag file in your “Favourites” and save the sections or even pages that interest you, you will be able to know which is which.

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