ANZIO Digital The Dumbing Down Of The Fashion By The Mass Media

by Harwood E Woodpecker.
Date: 01 March 2010

The Dumbing Down Of The Fashion By The Mass Media - Lincolnshire Magazine -

In this homogenized world that we live in where the powers that be would have us as anything but individuals we are in the very real position of losing our identity.

Walk down any street in any town anywhere in the civilized world and you will see people listening to the same music on the same music players as everyone else, whilst they wear the same jeans and t-shirts as every other person walking on the street. We are all unique individuals but there is nothing unique about the way we are developing as a breed.

Fashion has always been a true expression of a personís character and people have been able to make a statement about their lives by the way that they dress since time began. We are in real danger of losing this wonderful luxury if we do not break away from buying the same clothes as the mass media lead us to purchase. But how can we do this?

Popular fashion has never been such a closed shop as it is now. Back in the 1950ís when rock and roll first hit the world you could see a mile off those people who had subscribed to it as a life style, the same goes for the modís and rockerís scene that was very big in Great Britain during the 1960ís, then followed the glam rock and rock age of the early to mid 1970ís to be followed by the industry and culture changing punk age of the mid to late 1970ís.

All of these fashions were totally and utterly individual in the statements that they made about people and the way the same people lived their life. Arguably the two biggest popular fashions ever to hit the world were rock and roll and the punk era, both of which not only defined the age that they were formed but subsequent ages to come were also influenced by them.

Fashion Today

The Dumbing Down Of The Fashion By The Mass Media - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Today we have nothing at all that could be called a popular fashion; and this is not just a recent phenomenon in reality there has not been a unique style or fashion for the past 10 Ė 15 years.

Many of these problems have been caused by the total blandness of main stream music over the same period of time, anyone who grew up during any of the previously mentioned ages will understand what I mean when I say that music certainly does not grab the imagination of people as it used to.

Rap music has created a sound but the fashion that goes with it is nothing more than shopping mall style that is open to all and so diluted that it could never be called unique.

So what is to be done about it? There is always something that we can do but it means that we have to be part of the solution and not add to the problem?

There are so many small independent fashion designs in towns all over the country who sell clothing that would fit perfectly into any ones wardrobe without making you stand out like a sore thumb, these designers are crying out for people to buy their designs and wear them in public, a fashion designer is nothing if they do not sell what they have designed and get it seen by the wider world.

Many of us who grew up in the age of rock and roll and punk still have a slight fire burning deep inside of us to be different, well now might just be the time to get that fire burning brightly. Even if you contact a local college and inquire if they have any fashion students studying there who may have clothes to sell, you are doing your bit. Something as subtle as a totally unique printed t-shirt is a start.

Fashion and individuality needs to be broken out of its mould that it has been put inside by the mass media and if it takes the combined fire of the punk and rock and roll generations to do it then that is the way it will have to be.

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