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Banks Still Failing Customers - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Banks Still Failing Customers

The big high street banks continue to fall short of customers expectations, with the smaller banks, such as First Direct and Smile, yet again topping a Poll, LincsMag Writer, Patricia Montgomery, looks at the list...

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Savvy Christmas Shopping - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Savvy Christmas Shopping

As it is important that you should know your consumer rights, especially in the run-up to the festive season, Patricia Montgomery provides some important advice on what our rights are, both on and offline...

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Tough Times For Families Still Ahead - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Tough Times For Families Still Ahead

Patricia Montgomery takes a look at a recent report from one of the nations leading supermarkets, showing the average UK family was £7 a week worse off in June 2010 compared to a year earlier.

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The 10 Factors That Affect and Predict Stock Prices - Lincolnshire Magazine -

The 10 Factors That Affect and Predict Stock Prices

In an ever turbulent market place that often appears confusing to the outsider, David Smith, sets out to assist the new or casual investor by showing the 10 key factors that affect and predict stock prices.

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Why A Family Budget Is So Important - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Why A Family Budget Is So Important

Carmen looks at the importance of families creating a budget, because even though they are not financial institutions, families can also go burst with even worse consequences than businesses.

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HSBC Bailgate, Lincoln - Closed- Lincolnshire Magazine -

HSBC Bailgate, Lincoln - Closed

LincsMag Editor-in-Chief, Baron Halpenny, reports on the closure of the HSBC branch in the Bailgate, Lincoln, and not, what he believes is in the customers interests.

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Thinking Ahead For Your Retirement- Lincolnshire Magazine -

Thinking Ahead For Your Retirement

LincsMag Writer, Patricia Montgomery, reminds those of you who still need to, to start saving for your retirement as it's one of the hardest things youíll do in your working years ... but itís also one of the most important.

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