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by Lindsey Askin.
Date: 05 October 2013

Renee May Woods in NAFFI uniform - In Loving Memory Of Renee - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Renee (Irene) May Woods was only 22 years old when she along with several of her colleagues was tragically killed as five German bombs demolished the NAAFI at RAF Waddington.

Renee and six other NAAFI girls had sought shelter in the NAAFI building during a heavy air raid on 9th May 1941 but tragically the intensity of the raid proved fatal.

Today the story of this raid is a familiar one to Station personnel. The NAAFI building was re-built and those that perished have not been forgotten.

In memory of the girls the NAFFI is now known as Ravens after the manageress Mrs. Constance Raven, who died alongside Renee.

In Loving Memory Of Renee - Lincolnshire Magazine -
Above, the bomb damaged NAFFI building

In Loving Memory Of Renee - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Family Visit

Elsie Smith (Renee's Niece) Melvin White (Renee's great nephew) and his wife Cathy visited RAF Waddington to see the building where the raid happened and to place a plaque there in Renees memory.

Unable to attend but speaking from her home in Canada Renee’s niece Elaine Leigh said: “My mother (Renee’s sister) was a child when Renee died and to my Mom Renee was her sister, her friend and a hero. Although she was with us a short time her death always seemed a waste.

"To have her photo and to honour her in such amazing way has, for my mother made time stand still. Renee will always be 22 to her”

The NAFFI building today, now named Ravens after the NAFFI manageress Mrs. Constance Raven who died in 1941 alongside Renee May Woods. - In Loving Memory Of Renee - Lincolnshire Magazine -
Above, the NAFFI building today

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