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The Problem of Dog Poop - Lincolnshire Magazine -

The Problem of Dog Poop

Anna Barrington explains the health issues of dog mess and says why all dog owners should be cleaning up after their pets as well as giving some helpful hints.

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A few Things to Know About Aquarium Care - Lincolnshire Magazine - LincsMag

A few Things to Know About Aquarium Care

People buy an Aquarium thinking it to be a low maintenance alternative to Cats and dogs, but Rick Allen shows Aquariums need care and maintenance not only in regards to the equipment but also in regards to the fish and plants that are put inside.

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Christmas Time Pets - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Christmas Time Pets

David The Dogman gives LincsMag readers a reminder about buying dogs or cats for Christmas or more his belief not to, as well as a few pointers to remember with animals in this festive season.

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