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Interested in writing for LincsMag? Have some interesting photographs? Then please read on to get an idea of what we expect from you.

If you just want to send an email/letter to the magazine that is giving a comment or information, then see our letters page (HERE!) ... for articles etc ... read on.

We are a family owned concern and NOT connected to any of the big conglomerates that control most of the media.

We are, you will find, approachable and run the magazine on a friendly family orientated basis.

Sometimes we do things in an unconventional way and we often improvise. This is one of the luxuries of being independent.

To get an idea of the type of articles we are looking for, please look around the magazine. But if you have a good idea that is different from the norm, then pitch your idea to us, we might be interested.

We have our own Staff writers, contributors and assistants/helpers, but always welcome, articles, information, memories etc from the general public. We do not pay for these and if you send then it is on the clear understanding that all material is gratis and unencumbered and, that we might publish in LincsMag; or in any medium or future book published, should we wish to do so. By sending, means that you accept these terms and conditions.


Articles that have a focus or mention to Lincolnshire are always welcome (within reason of course), as after all this is LincsMag.

We do have a Special American Section which has articles about all things American and what’s happening in America, which LincsMag has due to Lincolnshire’s association with the Pilgrim Fathers.

We will look at other topics and regions, but these are met on their merits and are the exception rather than the rule.

We favour otherwise, articles that are what we call “geographically neutral” … by this we mean articles that do not draw upon any region or country. So an article about health or fitness does not then say about the local gym in London. It will give information, advice and entertain the reader, wherever they may be in the world and be relevant to them.

We expect a reasonable standard of writing and frown somewhat on articles that have obviously been translated via an online tool. Sentences like “He then tool fix somewhat smile sunny day” ... are not what we are looking for.

Articles can be from 650 to 1500 words and paragraphs clearly separated. A block of words is just a jumbled mess and will not be accepted. Note this page and you will see the paragraphs are clear and the page easy to read.

Sending articles/text

When sending an article, we have found the best way is to just for you to cut and paste your article into your email, clearly separating it from any accompanying note.

Sending Photographs

Please do not send large photographs and certainly not over 300 KB unless requested by the Editorial department.

Dimensions for the pictures/photographs should be in the region of 300 x 225 or 225 x 300. They can be slightly larger or less than these dimensions.

If we need larger photographs or clearer, or anything else, we will contact you back and discuss it.


The magazine is a free online magazine that is intended to entertain and inform. Originally with a Lincolnshire flavour we quickly realised that people were reading and enjoying the magazine from further afield, so being the Internet and global, we have started to gear our articles accordingly.

You have to admit we do have our own unique character and it is for this reason we are set apart from other magazines.

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