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Poppy Children’s Clothes - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Poppy Children’s Clothes

LincsMag Writer, Patricia Montgomery, takes a look at the Children’s wear called Poppy, who print their own delightful fabrics which they then make into exciting children’s clothing and nursery bedding.

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Different Types of Dresses - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Different Types of Dresses

In the modern day fashion world, Aria Scherer takes a brief look at the dress. As she says, "It doesn't matter how she looks or where she’s wearing the dress, any lady can turn into a quick style star with the best dress as a sidekick."

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What to Wear on Boxing Day - Lincolnshire Magazine -

What to Wear on Boxing Day

Fiona Muller gives a few helpful tips on what women can wear on Boxing Day when it’s nice to make a bit of an effort but not go overboard on the glamour, unless you’re attending a posh luncheon that is.

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How To Keep Warm And Stylish This Winter - Lincolnshire Magazine -

How To Keep Warm And Stylish This Winter

Danielle Sharpe gives you some ideas on selecting the perfect style of winter coat for as she points out, a winter coat is an investment so it’s important to choose a great style that you will be able to wear year after year.

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Preparing for Christmas - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Preparing for Christmas

LincsMag writer, Patricia Montgomery, shows it's best to plan for Christmas in advance and offers the advice of making lists.

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