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by Kelly Sallaway - LincsMag Writer.
Date: 01 December 2010

Having A Healthy Holiday - Lincolnshire Magazine -

One 'gift' none of us want this Christmas is the extra weight gain put on over the Holiday season.

People pack on the pounds (5-7 average) that they then have to face during those New Yearís resolutions.

Instead of eating your way through the winter wouldn't it be better to make some plans and small changes to keep the weight from creeping on in the first place?

Keeping the weight off and a smile on your face.

Gaining weight over the Christmas season is natural. There are a lot of parties with drinking and eating. There is much to do and during our hectic schedules we tend to put taking care of ourselves on the back burner. We let our schedules and needs go trying to fit everything into a packed schedule our normal workouts and diets go right out the window.

Just the stress of trying to do everything is enough to cause significant changes in our moods, behaviours, eating patterns and weight. The solution is to make yourself a priority: you can't take care of others or have a wonderful Holiday experience if you are lethargic and dragging.

Having A Healthy Holiday - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Plan ahead: make shopping and task lists and stick to them, eat something before you go shopping or to a party. Expect imperfection: Maybe a small indulgence turned into a big splurge. Don't beat yourself up. Instead of feeling guilty, make a better choice next time.

Plan for success.

Don't give up on December 1 and don't just accept the fact that you will be wearing a size larger on Boxing Day. Decide ahead of time that this year you will maintain a healthy weight, that you are going to feel good a look great through the entire month.

Buy a new outfit for New Years Eve- hang it in the front of your closet as a reminder to your Christmas commitment. Take note of your calendar and don't overbook. Schedule in gym visits, nail and hair appointments.

Stylists get very busy during this time of year; don't wait until the last minute to make some time for yourself.

Eliminate the negative thinking; don't go to a party or bakery saying "I have no willpower" or "I always gain weight visiting Mum." these can easily become self- fulfilling.

Tell yourself this will be your best Christmas on record!

Having A Healthy Holiday - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Small changes make a big difference

Don't get sucked into the hustle and bustle. Take time to sleep, make movement a part of your day- even stretching or a yoga class. Take walks. Limit alcohol. Drinking adds a lot of calories and makes it harder to resist all the party food. Instead of a cocktail or spiked punch try a wine cooler. Sparking water with a wedge of lemon or lime will give you something to drink with the partygoers but not add calories. Drink plenty of water. Be choosey about what you eat.

Having A Healthy Holiday - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Trim yourself and the tree.

Make the Holiday more about activities than eating. Sure, one of the biggest parts of Christmas and the Holiday season is the food.

But start some new traditions : maybe instead of buying boat loads of gifts and staying home eating-spend the money on a family trip to the beach, someplace sunny.

You'll feel healthier and you might all end up happier.

Give the gift of health.

This year ask for and give health minded gift. Exchange gym memberships instead of bottles of wine and candy. Put a Wii Fit game on your list. A new bathroom scale could start your New Year off in a different way, a nice running suit or trainers may be a better than one more sweater. A great gift to give and get is a massage.

Proof is in the pudding.

It is hard not to make the Holiday all about food. Many of our traditions are based solely around cooking, entertaining and eating together. All of us naturally eat more in social situations. Christmas holds the promise of what we loved from growing up...dishes we have waited all year for! The baking, the cooking, the treats and sweets!

This year think: is it important that I bake my Grandmotherís cake-with triple layers of fruit, nuts, icing and whipped cream? It is wonderful to honour traditions and memories but don't be a slave to them if they don't serve you. Make the cake but only when you are having guests or taking it to a party. Make the cake, but skip the extra sweets, chocolates and calories loaded treats stacked in the grocer's aisles.

Make it- but make it a conscious choice. Take stock in the real meaning of the Holiday, spending time with family and friends does not require that you overeat and overdo it.

Make plans to make this year your healthiest Holiday.

Having A Healthy Holiday - Lincolnshire Magazine -

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