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by Hayley Reynolds, LincsMag Writer.
Date: 02 June 2012

Weight Loss Motivation - picture by Harpreet Padam - Lincolnshire Magazine -

How many of you really want to lose weight, but donít seem to have the motivation to do something about it?

Below I have put together some tips on motivation, how to get it, and how to keep it going.

1. Find a motive.

Give yourself a reason to change, whether itís from going on holiday to increasing your self esteem.

2. Pick yourself right back up when you fall.

After all, weíre only human, sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes we canít control everything. Itís okay if you accidentally miss a workout or have that ice cream, donít see it as you need to start again, just pick yourself up from where you left off, as long as itís not always happening, your hard work wonít be affected.

3. Donít be too hard on yourself.

Donít give yourself unrealistic goals that you wonít be able to achieve. Aim to lose 1 to 1.5lbs a week, this is a healthy weight to be losing without having the risk of losing muscle, plus, itís realistic and achievable, and if you donít lose anything one week, donít worry, at least youíre not gaining.

4. Only weigh yourself once a week.

Make sure this is the same day, roughly same time each week, without your clothes on, or wearing the same clothes. Weighing yourself more than once a week could actually sabotage your motivation, weight fluctuates so much on a day to day basis, dependant on what weíve done, what weíve eaten, and our hormones, so one day you could have lost a pound, yet the next day youíve gained two pounds.

5. Change things over time.

Donít try changing everything at once, by changing one thing each week, will keep you motivated, and it wonít end up taking over your life. Itís better to do it slowly than to rush it, and for it to go wrong.

6. Donít eliminate everything.

By eliminating your favourite foods all together will just make you want/crave them more. Thereís no harm in treating yourself every now and then, just limit to how much you have, or if you can, choose the low fat option.

7. Find a workout partner.

By having someone to workout with, means there will be less chance of you skipping a workout if you donít feel like doing it.

8. Reward yourself.

When you achieve a goal, reward yourself with something youíve been waiting for, it could be a new outfit, or even just that new book youíve had your eyes on. This will keep you going to reach your goal and the reward that goes with it.

9. Have support.

By having the support of those around you, such as family and friends, will help you keep going when times are tough.

10. Keep a photo diary.

Take a photo of yourself regularly, say once a week, or every two weeks, this will give you something to look back at when you need reminding how far you have come.

11. Think positive.

Drown out those negative thoughts; theyíre no good to us anyway. Instead think positive, and believe you can do anything you want. Which we can if we put our minds to it.

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