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by Baron Halpenny, LincsMag Editor.
Date: 31 January 2013

Student Kim-Marie Stamp and trainer Rob Park of Singleton Associates, Lincoln - Lincolnshire Magazine -

It really cannot be stressed enough how important First Aid knowledge is. Quite simply it can save a life. Be you at work, at home or out and about, knowing what to do in an emergency situation is invaluable, not only to you, but also to whom you are able to save.

Some people go to Saint John's or British Red Cross First Aid courses, but there are other training establishments that are as good or I believe possibly even better, in providing the knowledge required for a First Aider.

One First Class Lincolnshire training establishment is Lincoln based Singleton Associates who provide training, not just around the county, but also further afield with their fully qualified trainers.

When you take a course, such as the Emergency First Aid At Work with Singleton Associates, and find that your tutor, Rob Park, is a former Army Medic who has seen active service in some of the world’s most dangerous areas, then it’s clear you are being trained by someone who fully understands and knows about First Aid.

It’s just a one day course, but it equips you with invaluable knowledge. As they say, the main purpose of First Aid, is to preserve life, promote recovery and prevent the condition from getting worse.

The First Aid training is to help you become that important link between an accident happening and the Emergency services getting there. It may only be a matter of minutes before the professionals arrive, but those minutes could mean life or death to someone.

Emergency First Aid At Work Syllabus

  • Assessment of 1st aid scene & safety
  • Primary assessment of casualty
  • Secondary assessment of casualty for life threatening injuries
  • Recovery position
  • CPR including infant resuscitation
  • Unconsciousness
      - Head injuries
      - Fainting
      - Choking
      - Heart attack
      - Stroke
      - Epilepsy
      - Diabetes
      - Poisoning
  • Wounds & bleeding
  • Burns & scalds
  • Legislation, accident book, RIDDOR & contents of 1st aid box

More Info

For more information on Singleton Associates' Emergency First Aid At Work course, visit Emergency First Aid At Work

Student Kim-Marie Stamp and trainer Rob Park of Singleton Associates, Lincoln - Lincolnshire Magazine -

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