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by Baron Halpenny, LincsMag Editor.
Date: 09 February 2013

Trainer Ian Lawrence explaining to a student how to lift correctly - Weight For It! - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Okay, if youíre ready? Then aweigh we goÖ

Well, you would think that it would be common sense, and it is in a way, but itís amazing how many people totally fail to lift or move things correctly. A course in how and why to lift items correctly may seem pointless or daft to you, but that is the wrong mentality already, because it isnít, in fact far from it.

We lift things every day and especially in the work place lifting can involve heavy items or repetitive movements that if done wrong can lead to problems. This results every year in literally hundreds of thousands of back injury happening in the UK.

Damage to your back is a serious business because where as most parts of your body can be repaired in one form or another, your back generally canít.

On the 31st December 1992 the Manual Handling Operations Regulations came into force. These regulations apply to any task, which involves moving a load manually, and sets out a series of duties, which are placed on the employer and employee. This is where a good course is of benefit and the Singleton Associates' course helps you to understand these regulations.

It may be a short course, but itís one your back will thank you for and could very likely save you getting in hot water with the authorities and your doctor.

Non-Clinical Manual Handling Syllabus

  • Brief overview of the Health & Safety at Work Act.
  • Brief overview of Manual Handling Regulations.
  • Types and frequency and cost of manual handling injuries.
  • Anatomy of the back.
  • Physical principles of manual handling (principle of levers).
  • Risk assessment applied to manual handling.
  • Control measures in manual handling.
  • Principles of kinetics.
  • Practical demonstration of manual handling.

This course is especially well suited to being run at the place of work where workers can be shown the requirements first hand.

More Info

For more information on Singleton Associates' Non-Clinical Manual Handling course, visit Non-Clinical Manual Handling

Trainer Ian Lawrence watching that the student lifts correctly - Weight For It! - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Trainer Ian Lawrence watching that the student lifts correctly

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