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by Baron Halpenny, LincsMag Editor.
Date: 17 February 2013

Food For Thought - Lincolnshire Magazine -

If you’re handling food in any way shape or form that involves it being directly or indirectly with the public, from farm to fork, then you have to have at the very least basic hygiene knowledge.

A good course on Basic Food Hygiene will not only give you crucial knowledge not just on handling food but especially regarding the regulations, which can help you avoid falling foul of the authorities.

A Classic Case

Recently the proprietor of a pub in Lincoln, the Ye Olde Crowne on Clasketgate, was prosecuted for failing to comply with the regulations. A City of Lincoln Council inspector visited the pub after a complaint had been received about undercooked meat and contaminated salad.

An inspection of the premises revealed food past its sell by date, raw meat being stored next to shell fish, the walls, shelves, surfaces and equipment used for food preparation were dirty, and there were no procedures in place to manage food safety procedures.

The proprietor had amazingly spent just 4 hours and 48 minutes completing an 8 or 9-hour online training programme in food safety management, which was not taking the matter serious enough. Prosecutors felt that the proprietor was not adequately trained in food hygiene safety.

Food For Thought - Lincolnshire Magazine -

If you’re dealing with food then do at least a basic food hygiene course such as Singleton Associates' Basic Food Hygiene course that is a must for general food handlers and above.

Their course will teach you about hygiene, pests, such as the cockroaches, what to look for, and much, much more.

Basic Food Hygiene Syllabus

  • Food poisoning
  • Bacteriology
  • Prevention of contamination and food poisoning
  • Personal hygiene
  • Premises, equipment and pest control
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Legislation

More Info

For more information on Singleton Associates' Basic Food Hygiene course, visit Basic Food Hygiene

Food For Thought - Lincolnshire Magazine -

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