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by Tim Barnes-Clay, LincsMag Writer.
Date: 19 September 2013

Occupational Health and Wellbeing Wake-Up Call - Lincolnshire Magazine -

The world’s largest professional health and safety body is currently urging politicians to put greater emphasis on good occupational health and wellbeing.

Throughout the political party conference season the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) will be calling for Government action to raise awareness and support good health and safety management.


Tragically, 148 people were killed in Britain last year, while more than 12,000 died from diseases caused by what they have done for a living. These statistics are too high and the Government and employers must do more to prevent further failure, says IOSH.

IOSH has already met up with the Liberal Democrats, including key politicians such as Business Secretary Vince Cable, at their conference in Glasgow. The Institution will also meet with the other two main political party conferences to make the case that good health and wellbeing at work can boost productivity, morale and profit – and must no longer be the ‘Cinderella’ of workplace management.

Better Awareness Needed

IOSH’s head of policy and public affairs Richard Jones said: “We need better awareness, training for GPs, tax exemptions for employers and more recognition of the key role of the health and safety profession.

“The daily impact of getting it wrong on families, businesses and the economy is massive. Last year alone, over a million people suffered an illness they put down to their work, with 22.7 million working days lost to it. We need a national wake-up call to make sure health and wellbeing is taken more seriously.”

Making Life Better

Mr Jones added: “Health and safety professionals have lots of practical advice for making life better for everyone – helping improve health and preventing a multitude of disorders, including work-related cancers, hearing loss, chronic lung disease, skin disorders, disabling muscle and joint pain and stress related illness.

“Though less ‘instant and dramatic’ than injury, sometimes taking years to develop, illness is equally devastating and must be tackled.”

IOSH’s themed exhibition stand brought some entertainment to the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference (14 - 18 September), at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, with a display inspired by the children’s ‘Operation’ game.

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