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ANZIO Digital Avoid the Wedding Credit Crunch! (Part 3)

by Nicola Nelson.
Date: 14 December 2009

Avoid the Wedding Credit Crunch - Lincolnshire Magazine - LincsMag

Dress to Impress for Less

If there is one item that you won't want to compromise on, this is sure to be the wedding dress and this does make sense after all!

All is not lost however, use google to search for discount codes for local wedding suppliers which will often include the dress and don't forget wedding planning websites such as www.mrs2be.com, join as a member and gain access to fantastic wedding planning tools to help you plan your big day as well as many discounted wedding products and services which will again include dress shops.

And there are also the classified ads. Look around.

Many bridal boutiques now have offers such as Groom's suit for free when you purchase the wedding dress or a discount when you hire a certain number of suits.

For the more adventurous bride to be, it is worth knowing that you can often find designer dresses on ebay many of which have never been worn!

Bargain Bubbly

You will often find that the price of wine at your venue will be more expensive than in your local supermarket. Although the venues tend to charge corkage if providing your own drinks, shop around as you will often still be able to beat the price on offer at the venue through buying in bulk even with the corkage charge included.

Nowadays it is rare that a couple provide a free bar, so don't feel pressured into doing so as it is very unlikely that this will be expected!

Better Late than Never

More and more couples are opting for a later wedding these days, and this can save you a great deal of cash! Getting married mid afternoon gives opportunity for a buffet type wedding breakfast.

If this doesn't suit you then cut down on the evening buffet as very rarely does this run out, in fact in many cases guests end up taking this home with them! Remember that getting married on a day other than a Saturday or Sunday can also save you money, on average this will save you around 1,500!

Don't take no for an answer

And finally, barter, barter and barter again. We are in the midst of a price war wherever we turn. It may be bad news for business but it's great news for brides! Gone are the days when cheaper suppliers means lower quality goods, these days even the top suppliers in the country are having to fight for their position.

The message here is simple, don't agree to the first price that you hear, don't be afraid to challenge those prices and don't take no for an answer!

Of Interest
http://www.Mrs2Be.com is an online wedding planning website dedicated to helping UK brides plan the wedding of their dreams. Members can make use of a host of free wedding planning tools such as the wedding guest list creator and the wedding budget calculator all designed to help make planning a wedding as stress free as possible.

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