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by Linda Torgoose, LincsMag Writer.
Date: 01 September 2014

Bonnie Kitten & The Leg - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Bonnie was born on 26th May 2014, in a litter of four kittens and it was obvious from the start that her right back leg wasnít quite as it should be.

Bonnieís mum had come into the care of Sleaford Cats Protection after being abandoned as a very young, very pregnant cat.

The birth of her kittens wasnít an easy one for the young Floss; however she delivered four healthy babies but within a few hours it was obvious that one of the little ones had a problem with a back leg.

At first it was thought that it had just been squashed and laid at a strange angle in the womb. It was hoped that given some time it would sort itself out and assume a normal posture.

It started to look like this wasnít going to happen and it became obvious when Bonnie started toddling at 4 Ė 5 weeks old that something more serious was wrong. She didnít have the correct co-ordination and when her leg didnít do what she wanted, she would get so angry with it that she would bite it!

Bonnie Kitten & The Leg - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Stifle Joint Problems

Matthew Fry (BVSc) of Quarrington Veterinary Surgery thinks the problem is with Bonnieís stifle (knee) joint and appears as if the tibia (shinbone) is rotated 180 degrees. This shows in her behaviour, as if she asks her left leg to go forward then the right one will often go backwards, which implies that itís not doing what she thinks itís going to do.

Bonnie is now facing major surgery to have her leg amputated above the stifle. Her next visit to see Matthew will be to discuss when she can have her operation, which is going to cost about £500. Any donations to Bonnieís operation fund can be made directly via Just Giving HERE!

Bonnie Kitten & The Leg - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Cats cope very well with only having three legs and there is no reason why Bonnie canít have a full and active life, just the same as her litter mates who have all now gone to their new homes, as has her mummy, Floss.

Bonnie Kitten & The Leg - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Bonnie is now a confident, social kitten, of 14 weeks old, with a loud purr. If you want to continue to follow her story you can see how she gets on through her operation, the 10 days of cage rest and subsequent convalescence on her Facebook page HERE!

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