ANZIO Digital A Note of Worth and Little Ones

by Christa Brunori LincsMag Writer.
Date: 01 February 2011

A Note of Worth and Little Ones - Lincolnshire Magazine -

When the times are harshest and the world seems to be against you, there is little comfort to be found. The only place to reside, is in your heart and to change the outlook upon your circumstances.

When you stop looking at the problem before you, something more profound just might be revealed. And it is in that moment, that you realize, it is about so much more, than just you.

'A Note of Worth' and 'Little Ones' was inspired by the many paths my life has taken.

However, I wanted to leave something more behind. Than just a moment in time. Rather focus on the reminder of my children's love.

A Note of Worth

I see now.
Only a child then, naive eyes
and waves of emotion
streaming through my veins.
A curious night
of mysterious teenage wonders,
evolved into my life's journey.

Golden strands of shaggy hair
rest between my breasts and arms.
He lies there breathing, just being.

The eyes,
color bluest of all skies.
Smile, simply hopeful.
His trust in my care, undoubted.
At times, the strength in my abilities
proves me uncertain.
Through every challenge,
my patience tempted,
I prevail.
Not for the sake of my own,
yet the survival of his growth.

I cannot explain
the distance traveled,
only the fear
that has guided the way.
For the fear teases,
fueling the determination.
May he see himself, someday,
the choices made as once a child,
raising a child.

With an uncertain past,
impossible present,
and unpredictable future,
my only reliance
was the unconditional love for my son.

Little Ones

My Young.
Sweetness of your innocence
there is such a truth to treasure.

The purity in your eyes
gleaming with amazement,
reminds me
of a world once known.

An endless laughter
filling my ears
reminds me
of an angelic melody
flowing from
the union of piano keys
and my mother's delicate hands.

Like a lullaby,
comfort and peace fulfill.

Hear from my voice,
guidance and wisdom.
See from my presence,
pride and strength.
Learn from what I teach,
grow through your mistakes,
and live a life knowing your worth.

Move slowly.
Enjoy this day.
Not everything stays the same.

A Note of Worth and Little Ones - Lincolnshire Magazine -

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