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by Christa Brunori LincsMag Writer.
01 February 2011

Only A Dream - Lincolnshire Magazine -

The moment our paths cross with another, simply fascinates.

It is within that moment, someone is brought into our lives, whether intended or not. Some come and go. Some, passersby. Others, stay for a lifetime. The meaning of their presence is not always known, but the impression left behind is of its only kind.

I wonder often, of the lives lived by those unknown to me. I wonder of the joyous expressions of lovers walking past. I see the innocence gleaming in children's eyes.

I am curious of the scorned looks on the faces that seem concealed to the world around them. And the most curious of all curiosities... I wonder if they are all quite simply, just like me?

When you take the sadness inside of you, and dwell upon its recurring stream, the doubt consumes and life comes to a halt. The mind overwhelms with all its cares and concerns. Whether it be something of substance or a mental control of one's own self, all else in life is abandoned. Life is living. And everything in between, gets carried away.


What are these moments?

When you don't want the world to see you, but you don't want to miss an instant?

The moments of complete loss and lack of certainty?

The moments that seem to engulf you while you are standing in a line, surrounded by strangers, all waiting for their morning coffee.

Those tears of sadness refuse to remain unseen. And so, you desperately try holding them back. Choking them down, forcing all evidence of misery to stop occurring over and over again.

There is a hunger to endure all that comes our way. And with that, the emptiness inside is slowly filled with the drowning sorrows, once again.

All you want, whether near or far, is to understand. Is to come to believe in your own worth.

Every deep breath, every blink, remind you of what is waiting. Waiting to surrender. And still, you remain silently suffering. Only to open your eyes and realize, IT, was only a dream.

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