ANZIO Digital Xmas Tree Delight

by Tim Barnes-Clay, LincsMag Writer.
Date: 21 December 2012

Xmas Tree Delight - Lincolnshire Magazine -

This year Britain suffered its wettest summer in 100 years with flooding and torrential rain ruining many crops.

But Christmas trees flourished under the conditions because the damp weather helped to make their foliage greener and more shiny.

Busy Time

CLA member, James Birch of Doddington Hall in Lincolnshire, is a Christmas tree producer. He said: “Christmas is a very busy time at Doddington, as a visit to choose one of our trees has become a tradition for thousands of Lincolnshire families. Also, nothing beats a freshly-cut tree as it lasts longer and smells wonderful so people appreciate the quality and freshness of the trees which we grow on the Estate. We are lucky in that every year our trees look good with great colour and foliage and certainly the wet weather this year has helped this.”

Christmas tree farmers will also benefit from a severe frost that hit southern Europe in the spring, which damaged the new buds of the Christmas trees.

This could reduce the amount of Christmas trees being imported from Europe but will increase the number of British Christmas trees sold.

Mr Birch added: “Doddington is associated with Christmas as each year we harvest thousands of trees, plus we decorate our Elizabethan house with home-grown decorations using Estate and garden foliage and a huge tree. People come to enjoy the House each weekend, and perhaps choose decorations from our imaginatively and extensively-stocked Bauble Barn.

“Our award-winning Farm Shop also sells lots of seasonal produce and festive treats including the Doddington Christmas Pudding which we are now well-known for. Last year we completed the Coach House, our events building, and this year it is very busy with Christmas parties which is very exciting.”

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