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Rootin' Tootin' Christmas - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Rootin' Tootin' Christmas

The traditional images of Christmas include a fireplace with a burning logs, maybe a sleigh or some holly through a frosty window. That may be the case in some places but in Arizona it looks completely different...

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Thanksgiving In The USA - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Thanksgiving In The USA

Thanksgiving is a truly American Holiday created by the earliest Americans and celebrated every year by just about everyone in the Country ...

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The World Series - America's Fall Classic - Lincolnshire Magazine -

The World Series - America's Fall Classic

Kelly Sallaway explains about the annual Baseball championship that America calls, The World Series, which is an event that though American, does draw players from around the world...

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Scare Up Some Fun On Halloween - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Scare Up Some Fun On Halloween

Kelly Sallaway gives a little history about Halloween that dates back a couple thousand years, also its traditions and how the United States celebrates this spooky time of the year...

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The Ryder Cup: Golf's Multi-National All-Star Game - Lincolnshire Magazine -

The Ryder Cup: Golf's Multi-National All-Star Game

Although the origins of golf are distinctly in Great Britain, America has adopted the game as its own and Kelly Sallaway, takes a look at the famous Ryder Cup...

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British History in Arizona - Falcon Field - Lincolnshire Magazine -

British History in Arizona - Falcon Field

Kelly Sallaway, takes a look at Falcon Field in Mesa just east of Phoenix that was once a training field for the RAF during World War II, with the first cadets of the British Royal Air Force arriving in 1941.

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BP = Bloody Photoshop - Lincolnshire Magazine -

BP = Bloody Photoshop

LincsMag Writer, Patricia Montgomery, is not happy at the deliberate altering of BP's photographs used on their web site to enhance their image of dealing with their Gulf Oil Spill in America.

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Sons and Daughters - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Sons and Daughters

LincsMag writer, Christa Brunori, takes time to patriotically reflect on the American military forces and wonders on how their experiences affect them.

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Show and Shine - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Show and Shine

Kelly Sallaway looks at America’s long-standing love affair with the automobile where car ownership is a treated as a right and is part of the fabric of the culture.

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Call Out The Posse! - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Call Out The Posse!

Kelly Sallaway, takes a look at the traditional American posse, who these days are well trained, vetted professionals who go out on horseback as well as in Jeeps, ATV's, boats, airplanes and helicopters.

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Live to Ride, Ride To Live - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Live to Ride, Ride To Live

Cool writer, Kelly Sallaway, looks at Harley-Davidson, which has been America's Motorcycle brand since 1903, and at Bike week in Arizona, USA that will bring around 50,000 motorcyclists to a collection of enthusiast geared rides and rallies.

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It's not Baseball it's Spring Training - Lincolnshire Magazine -

It's not Baseball it's Spring Training

Our Sporty writer, Kelly Sallaway, tells us about the Spring Training Baseball, when the teams move to the sun for the month of March to train, tweak and tune up their squads before Opening Day.

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What's In a Name? - Lincolnshire Magazine -

What's In a Name?

Kelly Sallaway looks at the interesting developments of the increasingly unorthodox sponsorships that are taking place in the sporting world, such as the Phoenix Open that kicks off the calendar year for Pro golf. But is it all Garbage?

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Welcome Snowbirds, Now Go Home - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Welcome Snowbirds, Now Go Home

LincsMag Writer, Kelly Sallaway, explains why she and others are annoyed at the winter visitors, known as "Snowbirds", that descend on her state of Arizona every year.

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The Superbowl of Eating - Lincolnshire Magazine -

The Superbowl of Eating

LincsMag’s Arizona Writer, Kelly Sallaway, looks at not so much the Superbowl World Championship of Football (American Style), but at what she says is the Superbowl of Eating. Grab a snack and read her article.

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Over the Pond - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Over the Pond

Avram Stanton, freelance writer from the Golden State of California, USA, is guest writer for LincsMag, and uses his wit, charm and skill with the written word by showing us America's love of the motor.

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