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by Christa Brunori LincsMag Writer.
Date: 04 July 2010

Sons and Daughters - Lincolnshire Magazine -

Swiftly, waves of wind move through trees, rustling the leaves. The first warning of something coming. With clouds billowing and thunder rumbling behind the vast darkness, a storm climbs over the mountain range, approaching the valley.

Wind chimes chime and animals scurry. The smell of rain in the distance absorbs the air.

The clanking of metal against metal where the flag once flew, adds a dreary sound to the desolate land. A reminder of what is to come.

The red, white, and blue, and all its glory seek to prevail. And with it, our men of honor.

With all familiarities and comforts left behind, they fight for a freedom. With boots laced on and weapon in hand, they march through a different desert. A land of fear. A land of the unknown.

The men sent in our stead, are faced with more than securing a freedom, more than liberating a foreign country, more than defending their home. A brotherhood exists that is incomparable to any love, we civilians know. It can be assumed that the most important aspect of their occupation is the obligation to their country.

What we do not see, is the aspect of responsibility, that resonates the most with them. As an officer of the United States Army, one particular Captain states, "...rather the sole responsibility for the welfare of others that have volunteered to throw their lives on the altar of our Imperial ambitions. It is the sons and daughters of the United States that I have been entrusted with, through my commission."

With this, a respect is to be given. One, with the utmost regard. For if it were a familiar face known to you, politics would not hinder.

Averaging at the weight of a child, their gear is not the only hindrance upon their shoulders. With one battle at a time, they fight for themselves and the men standing beside them. Shoulder to shoulder, they fight for their lives. All the while, securing our own.

Sons and Daughters - Lincolnshire Magazine -

What goes through the minds of our bravest, we need not to know. Rather, love them for the sights they have seen.

Love them for the damage done to them. Love them for the love they have given. There is no choice, other than to succeed.

Another overlooked importance, is time. For those with and without family, time from their lives is given selflessly.

When duty calls, a choice is made. Without these brave, we are defenseless.

Yet, I wonder of their minds. I wonder often what they process and how different their outlook on life is? How the choices made and impossible decisions were concluded? How difficult the culture shock of returning to their home, may be? How awful it must be, when nothing is the same.

I have seen the support and the lack of. Yet, what remains true throughout, is knowing they will never be forgotten. For they are the defining purpose of our country and all she represents.

For we are the United States of America. And united we stand.

Sons and Daughters - Lincolnshire Magazine -

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